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30 Jan 2019
Documents to check before buying a property

Checking all required documents is quite necessary to make sure there are no linens on the 2 or 3 bhk property that you are planning to purchase. Let us go through details of some documents that you need to check.

Purchase of Property and Documents to Check
Agreement to Sell

This document contains detailed information about the property and provides details of terms and conditions that are to be included in the property transfer transaction such as the purchase price.

Title Deed

When transfer of ownership is to be recorded for the property, it is done so in the title deed. Additionally, buyers need to get the property registered at sub-registrar’s office.

Report for Title Search

This report summarizes details of documents that are examined to check history of the property. The details which are checked include information about present and past title holders, description of the property, and data about joint tenancy property had. This report will be necessary if you are planning to apply for a home loan.

Tax Receipts

If current receipts are available then it indicates that all tax obligations are cleared and such clear status also helps in improving legal status of the property.